Warm Wars

13. Warm Wars is part of the War Zones  series and is about post Cold War military operations as well as their effects on America’s culture. To begin:  North Korea is Listening: The country is watching the US’s waffling on a nuke treaty with Iran. ~ Some Google employees “force” Google to cancel a contract with  the U.S. Defense Department: The Tail Wagging the Dog. ~ An overview of China’s modern Silk Road plan compared to the post-WWII Marshal plan. ~ President Trump was taken to task by the Europeans and many other parties about his statements of member nations not paying their share into their NATO alliance: Trump Scolds NATO. ~ This next  article  deals with the illegal actions of Edward Snowden and the illegal actions of the NSA: What would you do? ~ On the other hand, some of Snowden’s critics claim he released information that was gathered legally and within the charter of NSA: Did Snowden Blow too much Whistle? ~  Some thoughts on  the controversial and ridiculous act of Congress passing a law allowing citizens to sue foreign governments for supporting acts of Terrorism. Click on Suing Sponsors of Terrorism. The number of factions (enemies & friends) in the Middle East is almost incomprehensible. But we will give it ago: Middle East Muddle. ~ An ongoing debate about who initiates more military actions, the U.S., China, or Russia: Military Initiatives. ~ Who leads the belligerency race, the U.S., China, or Russia? A Question of Belligerency. ~  Looking at the U.S. – Russia conflict from another view: In Russia’s Shoes. ~ Is America focusing its resources on its  real enemies? Enemies, Real or Imagined? ~ Many U.S. citizens believe other NATO countries are not doing their share: Passing the Buck. ~ Joe Citizen opts for some serious pocket change! Give me Liberty or Give me Dollars. ~ State Department’s security personnel over-reach: Security and Privacy. ~ If the western powers can form NATO to protect themselves, the Middle East powers might consider forming METO to do the same. ~ Does China present a threat to America’s freedom? Inventing an Enemy. ~ Radical Muslims battle one another and just about everyone else: Sunni vs. Shia vs. Take Your Pick~ Who is the Satan depends on who is doing the name calling: Two Great Satans? ~ Pork feeds Congress to the detriment of America’s military: Past Grace, Past Shame.  What to do with North Korea: North Korea is Listening .