Computers and Networks

21. Computers and Networks

My  heart monitor talks with a smartphone: A Heart-to-Heart Talk. ~ An example of lawmakers’ incompetence and arrogance: Irresponsible Legislation. ~ Artificial Intelligence (AI) creates automated systems that the programmers themselves do not understand: Artificial Intelligence I. ~ And a different slant, with similar points and a new term to describe the problem, with some of the same text, of previous article is at Unintelligible Intelligence. ~  And a follow up second part to this article with Unintelligible Intelligence II. …With a correction to this article: I wrote the chess playing program was not given the rules of the game which the first part correctly stated it was indeed given the basic  rules of the game—which it was.  My apologies, and the second piece should be read, as I have canvassed industry leaders of their concerns about AI.  ~ The software industry is under fire for costly and error-prone software. This article highlights the health care industry and Boeing’s 737 disaster: Haste makes Waste. ~ Here are ten short news paper articles about issues in the Internet.   Here are the first five articles: The Internet and You, Part One, and the second set: The Internet and You, Part Two. ~ An increasing controversy in the Internet is the compensation being paid to musicians vs. recording companies,  and Internet content providers: Effects of Internet Distribution of User Content. ~ The  “borrowing” of others’ Internet content, repackaging it, and selling it is a big issue and getting bigger. Here is a article on the subject: Trivial Pursuits. ~   Internet Issues is the complete ten-series articles published in the Coeur d’ Alene Press in the second half of 2014. They address the controversial topic of Net neutrality. ~Twitter, its origins, its impact, its pros and cons.  ~ As part of a series on the Internet, here are some thoughts about his comments and those from the industry: Obama_Net Neutrality_& Cable TVSoftware programming recounts strange events Uyless encountered as a programmer: Softistry. ~ In addition, here is a discussion on the complexity of software. ~ Internet content piracy and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) defects are discussed in Internet Piracy. ~ Seemingly strange but logical: Storing our emails on DNA. ~ Overview of problems with Obamacare Website. Our computers going dead on us before we do: Another Digital Reincarnation. ~ The issue of charging for Internet usage is covered in  Net Neutrality I and II. ~ Robbing  a customer’s bandwidth:  Throttling User Traffic to Send Advertisements. This article  explains a new technology that can be used to further expose our privacy when using the Internet: Monty Python’s Internet Circus.  ~ High speed trading and how it affects stock investors: In a Split SecondThe FCC under Trump intends to undo the FCC’s (under Obama) (See also Net Neutrality I and II): For the Trump FCC:  FCC 2017 rulings on Net Neutrality.