Computers and Networks

21. Computers and Networks

An example of lawmakers’ incompetence and arrogance: Irresponsible Legislation. ~ Artificial Intelligence (AI) creates automated systems that the programmers themselves do not understand: Artificial Intelligence I. ~ The software industry is under fire for costly and error-prone software. This article highlights the health care industry and Boeing’s 737 disaster: Haste makes Waste. ~ Here are ten short news paper articles about issues in the Internet.   Here are the first five articles: The Internet and You, Part One, and the second set: The Internet and You, Part Two. ~ An increasing controversy in the Internet is the compensation being paid to musicians vs. recording companies,  and Internet content providers: Effects of Internet Distribution of User Content. ~ The  “borrowing” of others’ Internet content, repackaging it, and selling it is a big issue and getting bigger. Here is a article on the subject: Trivial Pursuits. ~   Internet Issues is the complete ten-series articles published in the Coeur d’ Alene Press in the second half of 2014. They address the controversial topic of Net neutrality. ~Twitter, its origins, its impact, its pros and cons.  ~ As part of a series on the Internet, here are some thoughts about his comments and those from the industry: Obama_Net Neutrality_& Cable TVSoftware programming recounts strange events Uyless encountered as a programmer: Softistry. ~ In addition, here is a discussion on the complexity of software. ~ Internet content piracy and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) defects are discussed in Internet Piracy. ~ Seemingly strange but logical: Storing our emails on DNA. ~ Overview of problems with Obamacare Website. Our computers going dead on us before we do: Another Digital Reincarnation. ~ The issue of charging for Internet usage is covered in  Net Neutrality I and II. ~ Robbing  a customer’s bandwidth:  Throttling User Traffic to Send Advertisements. This article  explains a new technology that can be used to further expose our privacy when using the Internet: Monty Python’s Internet Circus.  ~ High speed trading and how it affects stock investors: In a Split SecondThe FCC under Trump intends to undo the FCC’s (under Obama) (See also Net Neutrality I and II): For the Trump FCC:  FCC 2017 rulings on Net Neutrality.