War Zones

12. War Zones

Nations’ flags are very effective propaganda tools during wars and other times of crisis. They serve as powerful Symbols for countries’ credos, and foster patriotism from the citizens. ~  NATO’s and the US commitment not to commit combat troops in the Russian-Ukraine war bears analysis: Boots on the Ground. ~ Here is a different perspective on Veterans Day. ~ Is torture effective? Does it warrant its use? Torture I. ~ A commentary on the effects of the post WWI and WWI negotiations. ~  Former head of NSA and the CIA Michael Hayden reveals the Gulf of Tonkin second day of a supposed attack was covered up by the NSA. It’s an extraordinary revelation, yet it is receiving little attention: Revisiting the Gulf of Tonkin Attacks.  ~ With not enough forethought, America is finding itself bogged down in military quagmires. ~ Considerations about America adapting aspects of a 21st Century Marshall Plan. ~ Thoughts about the findings of the 9/11 Commission findings. ~ America’s intelligence communities are often under the gun for their poor performance. They are in a no-win situation, but often have themselves and especially Congress to blame: superficial intelligence. ~ And who is to blame for the pathetic and dangerous Palestine Israel (I) standoff? ~ Taking the fight to the enemy is the way to win a war. Lobbing shells or deploying drones from safe havens…Keeps…will not get the job done. ~ America’s Vietnam veterans were often treated to abuse upon their return to their homeland: Coming Home to a One Fingered Salute. ~ A deadly fighting machine, one that helped turn the allies win WW II: The B-29 Super fortress. ~ A reunion of old navy hands who sailed in the vital yet unappreciated amphibious forces during WW II, Korea, and Vietnam: The Gator Navy.