Religions: Opportunities and Conflicts

 4. Religions: Opportunities and Conflicts

Some thoughts on the separation of church and state. ~ The U.S. Senate has an insertion into the 2017 tax bill to allow churches and other non-profit organizations to engage in political speech: Churches and Political Speech. ~ Texas school cheerleaders lead cheers for Jesus to stand up for the faithful. ~ Texas Governor removes a display that is not sufficiently Christian: Mangers and Mosques. ~ The Texas governor is taking it on himself to take on the U.S. Constitution, along with an ample dose of short-sightedness: Where you stand. ~ Here is a link to two articles about Mass Migration from Middle East. They are written from the context of the subject: the separation of church and state. ~ And another one of the same subject: Muslims in America. Politicians and other public figures skirt around the question of: Is the Western world engaged in A Religious War? ~ Not all Buddhists are peaceful. Click on Peaceful Buddhists~ A young boy tries to grasp religious concepts in Religious Confusions. ~ Religious fanatics do serious damage in Mayhem in Lea County. (Label warning: satire). ~ Religious fanatics do  serious damage in  Killings and Such. (Label warning: non-satire). ~ In the Middle East, where unbelievers are subject to death unless they convert to Islam: Human Devolution. ~ Members of the same religion believe it their ordained destiny to kill one another: Religious Brotherhood.