Privacy and Security in the Internet

5. Privacy and Security in the Internet

Note: Some of this material can also be found in the Computer and Networks series. This slight redundancy comes as a result of my publishing the material in newspapers. Thus, they do differ a bit.

Social media have become dominant methods of communication around the world. Be aware of serious problems associated with their use: A Social Media Danger. ~ Be careful of using your Social Security Number on the Internet.  ~ Be careful when dealing with Internet help desks. They may try to sell you something you do not need. ~ The controversy about the FBI’s efforts to force Apple to open its iPhone. Here is an introduction: FBI vs. Apple. ~ Looking into users’ Wi-Fi (private?) traffic with the  Googles Eyes~ The once private Social Security Number is public. ~ Why is the idea of private email different from private postal mail? Have You Been Reading My Mail? ~  Who are the Privacy Watchdogs watching? ~ A comparison of the delivery services of the postal service and the Internet: Postal Service and the Internet. ~ A look at Metadata and what it means to an Internet user. ~ What is Big Data? It is not what the words convey. ~ Furthermore, what is The Cloud?  ~ Where to Draw the Line on privacy vs. security? Should there be such a line? ~ Cost vs. benefits of NSA bulk data snooping: Is Metadata Spying Worth the Cost? ~ A study on Surveillance Methods and an analysis of their effectiveness. ~ A disturbing story about intra-governmental snooping: Watch Dogs being Watched.  ~ A summary of a Presidential commission on Recommendations of Spying and Security.  ~ It’s a Coin Toss as to who reads our supposedly private emails.