Politics in America

16. Politics in America

 Critical Race Theory has become another divisive issue in American politics. ~ The demonstrators at the  riot at Capitol Hill had a lot to say about “freedom.” Click on January 6, 2021 at Capitol for more information. ~ The next three articles are related to one another. Their subjects deal with the January 6, 2021 assaults on the US Capitol. They should be read in this order: First, The Second Impeachment. Second, Make America What? Third, The Herd Rule and Political Parties. ~ The word populist is used in so many ways, it has become almost meaningless, especially after Donald Trump has used it to describe his philosophy.  Let’s examine populist in relation to Mr. Trump: Name Calling I-Populist. ~ San Francisco Board of Education is removing Abraham Lincoln’s name from its schools: Removal of Abe. ~ It is also removing the name of George Washington: Removal of George. ~ Considerable controversy surrounds the issue of removing statues representing American historical figures: Statue of Limitations. ~ Stutters are known to have a higher IQ than the general public, yet they are often treated differently. An example is Joe Biden: Stuttering. ~ Tread carefully, America. Charlottesville could be a portent for the future. ~ Several studies by political scientists make the claim that humans have a genetic tendency toward being conservative or liberal: Innately Yours.  ~ Below  are several articles on Donald Trump. For starters: Trump’s Towers (1 -6). ~ Also, click on  Facts and Alternative Facts to discover President Trump’s take on the facts…or the un-facts. Click on Populism vs. Fascism for a view of the misunderstanding between these philosophies. Click on Trump’s Valentine’s Day Cards for some advice to our President. Donald Trump’s narcissism has been the focus of attention during the presidential race. Hillary Clinton’s ethics have also been under scrutiny.  Here is an amplifying view of the subject: Trump and Clinton. ~ A fine journalist receives as award (before his demise): Charlie Rose and the National Press Club.  ~ For  the July 4th holiday, I have written a short article: Independence Day: It’s Revolutionary.  ~ For several years, I lived in the Washington, DC area. I was (am) a member of the National Press Club. One of the more enjoyable aspects of being a member is attending luncheons, in which noted people give a speech. I have included some of the more interesting personalities and their speeches with these links: Dick Cheney, Ashley Judd, Newt Gingrich, Bob Dole, Alan Specter, Joe Biden, Robert Bork. ~ So call internet journalism results in a lack of accountability and responsibility.  ~  A summary of the 2012 Presidential candidates debates