6. Music

He did much more than sing about margaritas: Jimmy Buffett. ~ One of the finest singers of his generation passes away: Tony Bennnett. ~ A tribute to Chuck Berry! ~  San Antonio Rose: Antonio Rose and Moonlight Sonata, a short story about beautiful music. ~ Odes to Bob Dylan: The controversy surrounding Bob Dylan possibly using others’ works. ~ Here is another piece that  deals with Bob Dylan and the Nobel Prize (what a sham). ~ A salute to a jazz genius: Dave Brubeck. ~ Second, a salute to two C&W geniuses: Kris Kristofferson and Merle Haggard.   ~ Two rock concerts: Rocking on the River and Rocking at the Roxy. ~ An accordion festival. Don’t laugh; click on Accordionly Fine.   ~ Christmas memories, A Christmas Cantata. Past times when public schools had religious music. ~ Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas: Rod Stewart. It’s a kick. So is Rod Stewart. I hope you enjoy it.