Foreigners’ Affairs

15. Foreigners’ Affairs

Solzhenitsyn and America: How Solzhenitsyn viewed the west and America. ~ Some ideas on Globalization and Pandemics. ~ Click on Get Involved, America! for a critique of America’s purposely falling behind on the world’s stage. ~ A report on China’s increasing evolution toward an Orwellian society. Click on Orwell has Arrived. ~ President Trump does not like America’s international trade contracts: Trump and Trade~ Gucci and the Gulag: Contrasting the life styles of Soviet Gulag and Palm Springs  residents. ~ It depends on who is leaving whom that determines who gets upset: Breaking Up is Hard to Do.  ~ Free speech issues in Pakistan and relationships with the United States: A Gagged and Strangled alliance. ~ An analysis of the Middle East in relation to Iran and the nuclear treaty signed with the west.