Food Effects and Drug Defects

22. Food Effects and Drug Defects

Series 22 is divided into the three categories shown in red text: Food follies!   The Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) company is dropping its famous slogan: Used to be Finger Licking Good!…How un-American! ~ An article on a product called Ritz Bits…and don’t eat too much.  ~ How to deal with increasing risks of eating what the Department of Agriculture does to some of our food: Uncle Sam fixes our Food. ~ Kraft avocado dip has almost not avocado in it.  You will be surprised what it does contain: Krafting a Food with no Food? ~  This piece is about spinach and E. coli. ~ The  next report is also about E.coli scares, but the culprit is in tacos: Taco Bell Blues. ~ Even bean spots can be dangerous. You Should have had the Lamp Chops. ~ This report is about the concerns on a  wide variety of food. In light of the many possibilities, I think it of dancing to Salmonella Serenades. ~ Or for that matter, the Botulism Serenades, with the culprit being the All-American nacho cheese dip. ~ Next, there are Watermelon fights and feasts in Watermelon Man! ~ This link is to  another Food Follies report on What America Eats, which is a great amount of fried food: America’s Eating Habits. ~ Have you ever cooked and tasted a pig’s head? Take a look at Un-American markets. This next  article is not on food, but on a similar fixation, the oral satisfaction of smoking: Organic Carbon Monoxide. ~ This next  piece has been excerpted from one of my books.  I thought is was a good fit for this series: Hamhurger Haven . ~ The Eating and Drinking series takes a lighter look at our imbidings.  A food and drink festival, with a  visit to San Francisco’s SF Chefs 2011 feast. ~  A New York style deli named The Manhattan Grill is located in Palm Springs. ~  Orchards in my back yard. a dream come true: Fruits of No Labor. ~ Comparing a Michelin 3-Star restaurant to  a cafe not even rated: Eating High on the Hog. ~ The Side Effects series examines the illnesses that can accompany medicines’ supposed cures.  A somber, satiric look at possible side effects of medicine: An Ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure.