Epilogues to A Nearly Perfect Storm

8. Epilogues to A Nearly Perfect Storm 

This series provides additional information about the 2008 financial meltdown and its aftermath. It amplifies the the material in my book A Nearly Perfect Storm: An American Financial and Social Failure—which is written by a private business person who supports free market principles but not pure capitalism. ~ Both companies and individuals are feeding at Uncle Sams’s table: Deadbeats on the Dole. ~ Nations are not immune to taking the dole either: Deadbeat States. ~ The rating agencies created many of the problems, some of their actions clearly unethical. What happened to them? Suing the Rating Agencies. ~ Dividing Uncle Sam’s spoils…or not: Give Away or Take Away? ~ So-called capitalism in America: Crony Capitalism. ~ Wall Street (manipulating LIBOR): Evading Law and Responsibility. ~ With Citizens United, corporations and Unions now have Freedom of Speech and Freedom from Responsibility.  ~ Alan Greenspan: The Oracle of Illusion and Animal Spirits. ~ Congress is unable to compromise: Gerrymandering and Deadlocks. ~ Investment banks wish to keep secret what should be open: Dark Pools and Dark Accountability. ~ Thomas Piketty has done extensive research on Capitalism and Inequality. ~  AIG is suing Uncle Sam for Uncle’s “unfair” bailout of AIG: The Gall of it All. ~   Another report on Evading the Law and Responsibility,  ~ and a problem with The Federal Reserve and Low Interest Rates.