War Zones

12. War Zones

Here is a different perspective on Veterans Day. ~ Is torture effective? Does it warrant its use? Torture I. ~ A commentary on the effects of the post WWI and WWI negotiations. ~  Former head of NSA and the CIA Michael Hayden reveals the Gulf of Tonkin second day of a supposed attack was covered up by the NSA. It’s an extraordinary revelation, yet it is receiving little attention: Revisiting the Gulf of Tonkin Attacks.  ~ With not enough forethought, America is finding itself bogged down in military quagmires. ~ Considerations about America adapting aspects of a 21st Century Marshall Plan. ~ Thoughts about the findings of the 9/11 Commission findings. ~ America’s intelligence communities are often under the gun for their poor performance. They are in a no-win situation, but often have themselves and especially Congress to blame: superficial intelligence. ~ And who is to blame for the pathetic and dangerous Palestine Israel (I) standoff? ~ Taking the fight to the enemy is the way to win a war. Lobbing shells or deploying drones from safe havens…Keeps…will not get the job done. ~ America’s Vietnam veterans were often treated to abuse upon their return to their homeland: Coming Home to a One Fingered Salute. ~ A deadly fighting machine, one that helped turn the allies win WW II: The B-29 Super fortress. ~ A reunion of old navy hands who sailed in the vital yet unappreciated amphibious forces during WW II, Korea, and Vietnam: The Gator Navy.

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