Sing Me a Song Title and Slim’s  Wisdoms

18. Sing Me a Song Title and 19. Slim’s  Wisdoms

Click on  Sing Me a Song Title consists of four plays, rendered in country and western music song titles.. They highlight two C&W groupies: Slim and Slimette. ~ Find out about Slim’s thoughts by clicking Slims Wisdoms. Here is another Slim gem:  Kentucky Redux has Slim and his wife Slimette enter the fray about a county clerk who will not earn her salary to marry mix couples, yet will not quit her job. Slimette is outraged!   ~ Slim  offers his opinions on the building of redoubts in the northwest:  Doubting Redoubts. ~ Slim and Slimette debate the differences between a republic and a democracy: Slim’s Civics Lesson.  Some “serious levity” from Slim about Slim and Political Correctness.

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